Orders made before December the 12th will be made and dispatched before Xmas. Orders made from 12th of December onwards will be processed on the 8th of January 2024.


  1. Art reproductions on ceramic tiles

    Art reproductions on ceramic tiles

    Our ceramic tile murals give you the opportunity to display art in a personalized way. We make the finest quality art reproductions on ceramic tiles and can reproduce any artwork that you desire.

    Art in your kitchen

    Margriet is renovating a farmhouse in Friesland. For her kitchen, she wanted to have the Milkmaid reproduced on tiles. She came to us for her customized tile tableau. We love the result.

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  2. The Milkmaid in the kitchen

    The Milkmaid in the kitchen

    Custom made ceramic tile tableaus for your interior

    Joost, a painter and decorator from Noordwijk, visited the 'woonstation' in Vogelenzang. There he saw the exhibition of Stephan Gold's ceramic tile tableaus.

    He was inspired by the Rijksmuseum 'Still life with flowers' and asked us to create a custom made tile tableau of The Milkmaid for his kitchen.

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  3. And the winner is…

    Row of Trees by Jan Mankes.

    And the winner is…

    Ying Rattapanit won the Dutch Art Reproductions social media competition! The price was a canvas reproduction from the Ada Breedveld collection.

    She chose the canvas reproduction "Achterop". We think that this artwork looks beautiful stretched on our bold stretcher bars. We call this the 4,5 cm gallery wrap.

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  4. Art and interior; creating the perfect match.

    Row of Trees by Jan Mankes.

    Art and interior; creating the perfect match.

    Helping our customer Clara to colour match.

    When you buy an art-reproduction, do you paint your wall in a colour to compliment your chosen artwork or do you choose an artwork to compliment your interior?

    For us at Dutch Art Reproductions it is always a pleasure to help you find the perfect art reproduction for your home.

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  5. Composition 10 in black and white

    Composition 10 in black and white

    On the photos and in the video you see our reproductions on canvas of two artworks; "Composition 10 in black and white" in the size 100 x 80 cm and "Composition in line, second state" in the size 65 x 65 cm.

    All Dutch Art Reproductions are handmade with care and attention to detail and quality in the Visionplay studio; a unique element is that we add small custom-made nails to the sides of our reproductions. In the short 

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  6. Still life with meadow flowers and roses

    Still life with meadow flowers and roses

    Amazing! Did Van Gogh hide Wrestlers under the flowers? There was doubt about the authenticity of this painting for a long time ...
    The Kröller-Müller Museum purchased this artwork in 1974. From the beginning, the experts doubted the authenticity of this painting.
    Read the story behind this beautiful Still life by Vincent van Gogh or watch the video.

    Vincent van Gogh 1853-1890, Still life with meadow flowers and roses 1886-1887, Paris, Oil on canvas, 100 x 80 cm. © Collection Kröller-Müller Museum

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  7. Dutch Art Reproductions and the Rijksmuseum

    Dutch Art Reproductions and the Rijksmuseum

    We think our reproduction of the Delfts Blue tile tableau, made in cooperation with the Rijksmuseum, looks gorgeous.The original tile tableau was hanging in an orphanage in Sommelsdijk. It was made in 1725.

    The maker of this beautiful Delfts Blue design remains anonymous until this day.Since 1897, this tile tableau is part of the Rijksmuseum ceramic collection."Tile tableau of faience, consisting of 96 tiles, painted blue in the glaze with a flower vase on a pedestal.

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  8. MOTHER by Ada Breedveld

    MOTHER by Ada Breedveld

    My sketches for a painting usually arise intuitively from a longing for peace and security, harmony and comfort.

    The mother is central, she is the person who represents all of this in the dream or wish of every living being. All over the world, the mother is the symbol of care and protection.

    She seeks connection and inclusion, builds bridges and forms a safe haven for homeless people. Her eyes are closed, her gaze is turned inward because she feels complete within herself. She is the ultimate symbol of independence and self-reliance.

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  9. Celebrating the work of Caravaggio

    Celebrating the work of Caravaggio

    Here in our gallery we are deeply submerged in the theater and Chiaroscuro of Caravaggio's art. He is all around us, on canvas and on ceramic tile tableau's.

    Caravaggio played with light and dark, darkening the shadows and intensifying the light, making his paintings almost three dimensional and giving them a dramatic flair.

    With the exhibition in the Rijksmuseum fresh on my mind I choose five Caravaggio's to reproduce.

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  10. A SPECIAL REPRODUCTION of the famous painting "Row of Trees" by Jan Mankes.

    A SPECIAL REPRODUCTION of the famous painting "Row of Trees" by Jan Mankes.

    On the 26th of April it's been 100 years since Jan Mankes died. He was only 30 years of age. He studied and sketched his subjects until he knew them by heart.
    After that, he painted his compositions purely from memory.

    His paintings therefore do not reflect reality as much as they highlight the essence of his subject. He painted countless birds and farm animals and dreamy romantic landscapes, of which the famous Row of Trees is a beautiful example.

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