Custom tile murals

Custom tile murals

We specialize in reproducing any image on decorative ceramic tiles. From private homes, to offices and hotels. On this page you will find a variety of our custom tile projects.

Conservatorium Hotel

Renovating and recreating Art Nouveau ceramic tile murals

The Conservatorium hotel is one of the most beautifully designed hotels in Amsterdam. The hotel is filled with Art Nouveau tiles from 1901. We at Dutch Art Reproductions are very proud to have been involved in the renovation of these tiles in 2011.

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From photography, design and production to placement, we renovated more than 30 meters of Art Nouveau tile murals in the corridors of the hotel.
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We received the following review from the project manager of the Conservatorium Hotel renovation:

"Dear Monique,

I would like to express my appreciation for the work you delivered. We are proud to tell everyone we show around that the new tiles are almost indistinguishable from the authentic tiles. We get a lot of compliments about this!


Maarten van der Sluis
IQNN real estate"


Custom made Delft Blue ceramic tile tableau

In a canal house in Amsterdam

In cooperation with the Rijksmuseum we reproduce a Delft Blue ceramic tile tableau from 1725, which originally was hanging in an orphanage in Sommelsdijk.
For the office of Alpha Adviseurs, we customized this tile tableau to fit in front of an old closed off fireplace.
The fireplace was larger than our reproduction of the Sommelsdijk tableau. To make it fit we had to extend the tile tableau. We added two rows of tiles at the bottom and a row of half tiles at the top. Stephan Gold, our creative director, gave the extended décor a modern twist, by creating a Delft Blue Banksy “Girl with a Balloon”. We also used this design to make a business gift: a ceramic coaster.

Are you busy with renovating your home or office? Or are you looking for a unique business gift? We make to measure, customize, and create your own bespoke tile tableau. Contact us for more information.

We received the following review from Alpha Adviseurs:

“With the request to make a bespoke tableau for the former fireplace, Dutch Art Reproductions set to work with great enthusiasm and creativity. The result speaks for itself!”

Players Lounge

Selwyn Senatori and Stephan Gold, creating an Art bathroom with ceramic tiles

Selwyn Senatori is a Dutch Neo-pop artist known for his figurative action paintings. His inspiration: La Dolce Vita. Enter the smallest room in this Amsterdam apartment and you walk straight into Selwyn’s Players lounge: gorgeous babes, champagne and sigars surround you.

Stephan Gold, creative director of Dutch Art Reproductions, picked up the challenge of making Selwyn’s art wrap smoothly around walls, ceiling and floor. The high gloss tiles line up beautifully all-round the room, and enhance the vivid colours of Selwyn’s artwork.

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BBS Bakery

BBS is an Amsterdam bakery. The artwork in this presentation room was designed by Selwyn Senatori. We transformed his artwork into a ceramic tile mural which runs over several walls and flows perfectly around the corners and into the floor design.

Are you busy with renovating your home or workspace? We make to measure, customize, and create your own bespoke tile mural.
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Custom tile murals