A SPECIAL REPRODUCTION of the famous painting "Row of Trees" by Jan Mankes.

On the 26th of April it's been 100 years since Jan Mankes died. He was only 30 years of age. He studied and sketched his subjects until he knew them by heart.
After that, he painted his compositions purely from memory.

His paintings therefore do not reflect reality as much as they highlight the essence of his subject. He painted countless birds and farm animals and dreamy romantic landscapes, of which the famous Row of Trees is a beautiful example.

What is so special about this reproduction?

It is made in close cooperation with the museum to achieve the perfect colours, and it has the same size as the original artwork (52 x 69 cm).

In our studio in Amsterdam we framed this reproduction in a handmade wooden frame from Italy, inspired by the frame in which the original painting is exhibited. The Giclée print technology and HDR inks guarantee over a 100 years of colour permanence.