Dutch Art Reproductions and the Rijksmuseum

We think our reproduction of the Delfts Blue tile tableau, made in cooperation with the Rijksmuseum, looks gorgeous.The original tile tableau was hanging in an orphanage in Sommelsdijk. It was made in 1725.

The maker of this beautiful Delfts Blue design remains anonymous until this day.Since 1897, this tile tableau is part of the Rijksmuseum ceramic collection."Tile tableau of faience, consisting of 96 tiles, painted blue in the glaze with a flower vase on a pedestal.
To the left of this is a parrot on a stick, to the right a rooster. The design is surrounded on three sides by a border of leaf and flower motifs with cupids".

Dutch Art Reproductions and the Rijksmuseum

In the Netherlands we have a long and rich tradition of making tile tableaus. Following this tradition we make reproductions on tiles of tradional Dutch designs and contemporary and classic artworks.

Using a modern technique which ensures beautiful vibrant colours each tableau is handmade with attention to detail and quality in our Visionplay studio in Amsterdam.We have reproduced this Delft blue decor on 96 high-gloss ceramic tiles of 10 x 10 cm.

The tiles are made piece by piece and then mounted on MDF. The tableau is supplied with a simple and sturdy hanging system, so that you can hang it on your wall quick and easy.Each Tableau is numbered and has a certificate.

On request we make reproductions in any desired size of all artworks from the Rijksmuseum collection.