About Us
About Us

About Us

We, Stephan Gold and Monique de Ruiter, founded Dutch Art Reproductions in 1997. We both have a background in the audio-visual world and thus have a broad experience in image editing. When digital photography and high quality commercial printing techniques were emerging, we used this enthusiastically, working in photography and graphic design and printing on art-papers and canvas. Exploring many different mediums throughout the years, we started reproducing artworks on ceramic tiles in the year 2000.

Working together with the museums

Since 2005 we work together with the major museums in the Netherlands; the Van Gogh Museum, Kröller-Müller Museum, Rijksmuseum and the Mauritshuis. Our canvas reproductions and ceramic products are successfully sold in their museum shops.

In 2017 we expanded the cooperation, resulting in this webshop where you now have access to an extensive collection of artworks. We work closely together with each museum to ensure that the colours and details of our reproductions are as close as possible to the original artworks.

Our team

All reproductions you buy in this shop are made by hand in our studio in Amsterdam. We reproduce artworks of many great Masters of Art with passion and intensity, we love creating the perfect reproduction for you. We do this with a small team of dedicated craftsman, who all share a passion for perfection.

Amsterdam Made certified

In 2019 we received a certificate from the Amsterdam Made organization.

This certificate is granted to makers in the Amsterdam region who produce superior products that adhere to the following core principles: creativity, innovation, sustainability and craftsmanship.
Dutch Art Reproductions meets all these standards easily, here are 2 quotes that we received from the jury:

Quote 1 from the jury: “The combination of Old Dutch Masters on ceramic tiles and tile tableaus really is next level and unique.”

Quote 2 from the jury: “A wonderful connection between art and craftmanship. It gives people the chance to buy high quality art for an affordable price.”

About Us