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Perfectly arranged

We are very happy with our incredibly beautiful tile mural. Communication, transport and placement. Everything was super and perfectly arranged. Thank you very much.


Extremely happy

We are extremely happy with our tile tableau! The tiles fit beautifully with our fireplace.

Ronald & Priscilla from the Netherlands, purchased: Floral Still Life, tile tableau, 90 x 120.


A great surprise

It took a while, but here's a photo of your beautiful reproduction on the wall. Because we are still unable to visit museums, it is extra nice to have such a beautiful work hanging on our wall at home. And a nice reminder of a great surprise in the Kröller-Müller museum.


Exactly what i was looking for!

When this reproduction was delivered, it was demaged, which was absolutely not your fault. Yet you immediately made a new reproduction and brought it to our home the following Saturday and hung it on our wall. What a great service!! We are very happy with it and the colours are really identical to the original painting. Many thanks from a very satisfied customer.


Very fast delivery

The reproductions I was looking for were not in the standard collection. After quick communication, the reproductions could still be made, and for a good price. Delivery was also very fast. The reproductions look very good, both the image and finish. I’m very happy with it!

Jelmer from the Netherlands, purchased: The Egyption Widow, gallery wrap 2 cm.


Our nursery

Here is a photo of the swan hanging in our nursery. The swan watches over our baby girl while she sleeps. Thanks again for the beautiful print!

Shelby from The United States, purchased: The Threatened Swan, in black wooden frame, 110 x 90 cm.


It looks great!

Thank you for the excellent service, the nice gift and the wonderful work!

Greetings Imke.


Very happy with it

It has been 2 months since we bought the Mata Hari, we are very happy with it. I wanted to send you a picture to show how he (or she?) is hanging on our wall. It's fine to post my photo on Facebook and on the customer review page on your website. I am actually honored by that ☺️

Marion from The Nederlands, purchased: Mata Hari, gallery wrap 2 cm, 60 x 115 cm.


Perfect reproduction

Today it is 100 years ago that Jan Mankes died. This beautiful work can be found in museum MORE. Because the museums are closed for the time being, we have this fantastic work hanging at home so we can enjoy it every day. Perfect reproduction by


100% Satisfied

Yesterday we received the reproduction of "Souvenir de Mauve". We are very happy with it. The reproduction is of exceptional quality. The colours are very beautiful and match the real van Gogh. I am a 100% satisfied customer.



The reproduction has arrived and now hangs in the classroom.

Jaap from The Nederlands, purchased: The Sower, in wooden frame, 60 x 75 cm.


It looks great

I recieved the reproduction. It looks great. Here is a photograph of the Terrace of a Café on my wall.


Her final home

The Girl with the Pearl Earring arrived in perfect shape. Thank you so much. Herewith a picture of it in her final home on my wall.


Life-size reproduction

Happy customers Govert and Rachel with their life-size reproduction of Mata Hari.

Govert and Rachel from The Netherlands, purchased: Mata Hari, gallery wrap 4,5 cm, 100 x 190 cm.


Great service!

Hereby the promised pictures of Jan Mankes hanging in our living room. We admire and enjoy it every day! 

Thank you again for your great service!

Renée from The Nederlands, purchased: Row of Trees, in wooden frame, 95 x 125 cm.

 Would you like to send us a review? We would love to showcase your reproduction.

customer reviews