18th century Tile Tableau "Delft"

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This tile tableau is a reproduction of an 18th century Delft tableau consisting of 104 ceramic tiles.

The original tableau was made in Delft c. 1690 - 1750, the maker of the tile décor is unknown.

Large panels of tiles depicting vases of flowers were often fitted into fireplaces. They formed an attractive decoration in the otherwise bare hearth when there was no fire. Such panels would later form part of the tiling of the more formal rooms. Panels of tiles were in vogue as wall decorations in a number of circles, including the German aristocracy.

We have reproduced the original tableau on decorative tiles. They are mounted on MDF-board, which has been painted with several coats of Dutch White paint. The tableau has a custom-made French cleat hanging system on the back for quick and easy hanging in your home or office. The result looks stunning.

Tableau size: 80 x 130 cm
Size of individual tiles: 10 x 10 cm
Amount of tiles: 104

We also deliver this tile mural in loose tiles so you can mount them directly onto the wall. Contact us for more information.

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Dutch Art Reproductions on ceramic tiles

In the Netherlands we have a long and rich tradition of designing and making ceramic tile tableaus. Following this tradition, we reproduce artworks on ceramic tiles using a modern technique which ensures beautiful vibrant colours. We handcraft and customize all tableaus in our Amsterdam studio. We can help you visualize your ideas or work with your interior designer to make a bespoke tile tableau.

We deliver our tile tableaus in loose tiles for tiling onto your wall or mounted on MDF board with a French Cleat hanging system.

Are you looking for home improvement, or a make-over? Busy with a renovation or DIY project? Are you redecorating, and you want to buy a unique splashback in your kitchen or art on tiles in your bathroom? Our tile murals bring art into your home. If you can’t find the size or artwork that you are looking for, we can make to measure, customize, and create your own bespoke tile tableau. Contact us for more information.

Care for your product:

Always handle the ceramic gloss tiles with care. They are for interior decorative use. You can clean your tile tableau with a soft cloth and a non-abrasive cleaning product like glassex. Do not hang the tableau in direct sunlight or fading will occur over the years.