Celebrating the work of Caravaggio

Here in our gallery we are deeply submerged in the theater and Chiaroscuro of Caravaggio's art. He is all around us, on canvas and on ceramic tile tableau's.

Caravaggio played with light and dark, darkening the shadows and intensifying the light, making his paintings almost three dimensional and giving them a dramatic flair.

With the exhibition in the Rijksmuseum fresh on my mind I choose five Caravaggio's to reproduce.

Amor Victorious, Boy with a basket of fruit, Boy bitten by a lizard, Young Sick Bacchus and Narcissus.

Many weeks of color matching and experimenting with varnish followed, looking for the perfect luster.

The Giclée printer we use to make our reproductions has five shades of black which lends itself so perfectly to the shadows (oscuro) in Caravaggio's work.

For the canvas reproductions I chose a stretcher frame of 4,5 cm deep, to give it a strong and bold look.

For the love of tiles; it's all in the detail

Caravaggio's artworks look absolutely stunning on our hand-made ceramic tile tableau's. His masterful use of light and dark is being beautifully enhanced by the high gloss ceramic tiles.

I have chosen to use small tiles of 11 x 11 cm for these tableau's.

Even for the big Amor Victorious (Cupid) that measures 108 x 151 cm and is made with 140 tiles.

When I reproduce an artwork by one of the great masters on a ceramic tile tableau of this size I can get completely lost and absorbed in the making. I go into detail to capture the essence of the colors of the original artwork. I love the way ceramic tiles enhance colors and reflect the light. Stephan Gold, the master maker.