Art and interior; creating the perfect match.

Helping our customer Clara to colour match. When you buy an art-reproduction, do you paint your wall in a colour to compliment your chosen artwork or do you choose an artwork to compliment your interior?

Falling in love with an artwork

Recently we received a phone call from a customer asking me for a reproduction of the Row of Trees by Jan Mankes. Clara and her partner saw the painting in museum More and fell in love with it.

Especially because he grew up in the area where Jan Mankes made this painting. They decided that when they moved into their first home together, they had to have a reproduction of this artwork on their wall. uction, do you paint your wall in a colour to compliment your chosen artwork or do you choose an artwork to compliment your interior?

Colour matching

We made an appointment for Clara to visit our studio in Amsterdam to have a look at the different possibilities.

She brought with her a piece of wood painted in a lovely pale blue colour.

"This is going to be the colour on my wall",
Clara said, "and I want to make sure that this colour is going to compliment and match the Row of Trees".

Here at Dutch Art reproductions, we also like to colour match. In the photo you see Stephan in museum More comparing our Special Edition of the Row of Trees with the original painting by Jan Mankes. We are perfectionists and love to help our customers find the perfect reproduction.

The Classic with Nails

After making some photos and a quick WhatsApp call with her partner Clara left with all the visual information, she needed to make her final decisions. A week later her partner made the order in our webshop: They chose the Classic with Nails reproduction (95 x 125 cm) in a blanc wooden frame. We love to handcraft the classic with nails, after we varnished and stretched the Giclée print on 2 cm thick stretcher bars we hammer in small custom-made nails on the sides of the canvas.This gives the reproduction an old-fashioned and authentic look.

The perfect match

Clara’s partner phoned us and asked us about the delivery time. He wanted it to be a surprise for her birthday which was the following Sunday. We could not resist and delivered the reproduction personally on the Saturday. They sent us a photo of the end result; what a perfect match! The Row of Trees fits so beautifully in their contemporary interior.

For us at Dutch Art Reproductions it is always a pleasure to help you find the perfect art reproduction for your home. Do you have a piece of wood with a colour on it? Phone us and make an appointment to visit our studio, look around in our gallery, get inspired and do not forget to bring your colour swatches.