Unique Tile Tableau with a Still life with Flowers

Jan van Huysum
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Would you like to have the opportunity to buy this unique tile tableau? The normal price is €3000,- now it can be yours for €1900,- including free delivery within the Netherlands This offer ends on the 20th of September. Would you like to see this tile tableau? It is on exhibition till the 20th at het Woonstation in Vogelenzang.

We made this tile tableau "Still life with Flowers" using 234 small ceramic tiles. Each tile is 10x10 cm and the total size of this masterpiece is 130 cm wide and 180 cm high.

Stephan Gold, the master maker:
"When I create a ceramic tile tableau of this size I can get completely lost and absorbed in the making. I go into detail to capture the essence of the colours of the original artwork. I love the way ceramic tiles enhance colours and reflect the light."

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Jan van Huysum worked from 1701 in his father's studio. His father Justus van Huijsen I was a painter of floral still lifes and interior decorations and trained his sons in this tradition. After his father's death in 1716, Van Huysum independently gained an international reputation as a leading painter of realistic floral still lifes.

Jan often combined flowers from different seasons into one bouquet. Most of his paintings are unusually asymmetrical and placed against a light background. He brought the much-loved genre of flower still life to new heights. He had an international clientele and was a well-paid painter.

Van Huysum lived on the Leidsegracht in Amsterdam. He married Margrieta Schouten in 1704 and had a son who was "no good" and eventually went to the Dutch East Indies. The story goes that Van Huysum led a reclusive life and that, for fear of plagiarism, he denied everyone, including his brothers, access to his studio.

Jan van Huysum (1682-1749), Still Life with Flowers 1723, Collection Rijksmuseum